"David is an excellent running/fitness coach and instructor who develops training regimes to help athletes of all skill levels to improve and realize their potential. His thorough review and research of exercise physiology, and commitment to continuous improvement, has made him an authoritative resource for athletes looking get the most out of their sport. His positive and inclusive approach to instruction encourages participation and makes the process fun." - David Latreille, CFP
"David's leadership, knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness training has encouraged me to expand my training program and reach new goals." - James Phelps MD
"Drills and exercises I had never even imagined. My running form has improved.
 I knocked almost a full minute off my previous best 10K. Thanks, David!" - Brian Williams

"David's enthusiastic fitness instruction accommodates a wide range of fitness levels and, with a strong scientific basis, provides individuals with the potential to achieve their fitness goals." - Jodie Karrow

 “I just wanted to thank you for your motivation through the boot camp.  I completed my first 30k on sunday around the bay. And while I am not really a runner and will never be fast, I am very happy to have run the entire thing, including the hill and to smile the the grim reeper. 
Thanks again, Wendy Perry

"I ran my first 10K this past Sunday. Somewhere between 7K and 8K I started to tire. 
 I remembered your Summer Session Boot Camp. You played Black Eyed Peas: "I got a feeling" and you said sorry, it is overplayed. Probably a good thing because it started playing in my head. 
Let's Do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and live it up and do it, do it 
And I remembered hot hands and run with hamstrings and extend, float and glide. You stuffed my head with information that I didn't realize was still in there. Next thing you know the race was done."
- W.T.

 "David's enthusiastic fitness instruction accommodates a wide range of fitness levels and, with a strong scientific basis, provides individuals with the potential to achieve their fitness goals."

 “Thank you and for all of the thought and time that you put into each and everyone of your classes both at the boot camp and at the Y. You're insanely focused and a source of great inspiration for me personally. The boot camp was totally cool, another great adventure and I would encourage it to anyone who is interested in taking their running to the next level.”

“Thanks for a great training program.  My husband and I have both really enjoyed it.  We look forward to Mondays. We will definitely be interested in any future sessions.” 

"You don't have to be a great runner to take this course, you just have to want to improve."
“As for the boot camp I really enjoyed it and hope you have another one in the fall.”  
“I have enjoyed the boot camp. you did a great job in putting each week together & building on each week.”  

"When you're out running on your own, you'll hear David's voice in your head. 'Push, push, push. Stay in good form, even if you're tired.' "
“This is amazing – I really appreciate all of your efforts and am excited about the future of my running.”
“First off I’m really enjoying the workouts-- I can’t do them all well but trying At the end of the evening every muscle has been worked and I’m totally exhausted and relaxed –wonderful”  

“Just wanted to say what a great class last night was.  I really enjoyed it, but also felt it pushed me the way I need it to.” 

My fitness leadership comes together in this weekly session that teaches running form, core strength, agility, flexibility, safe plyometrics, yoga and endurance training principles. The two class times offered each season typically reach their maximum capacity of 20 participants per class. Capping the class size ensures my personal attention both during the workouts and between workouts.

“What sets David’s class apart from the rest is his Respect and Dedication. I appreciate the extensive effort, energy, and time he invests in planning his classes. I also really appreciates that he respects me – and my commitment to fitness by continuing to change his workouts. I was at his very first class and they get better each time.” P.R.

“I am glad to have stumbled upon David’s cycling class. He is always prepared and ready to motivate. It’s great to be part of that environment because it feels more than just a workout and it seems that to David this more than just a job.” K.G.

“As oxymoronic as it sounds – David makes workout HARD seem really easy, He is an excellent advocate for our fitness. I am continually pleased at the effort he puts into planning and executing his classes. I know that I am always guaranteed 3 things: the opportunity to really crank it out, great music and encouraging comments.” P.
“That was the best spinning class yet. Great music! Great drills!” J.M.  

Group Cycling Classses  
I have led over 400 group cycling (spinning) classes at the Y, and can still claim ‘No Two Workouts the Same’. The success of these popular classes has been due to my interest in each individual and my effort to make the workout fun through music, variety of drills and visualizations. This cardiovascular and anaerobic workout is fundamental to any fitness program.

“I must say, I really enjoy the mixing you've done with your music to make it work for the Brick workout.” I.S.

“It's amazing to me how quickly the time goes by when following these workouts.And they're tough! I always finish feeling tired but satisfied.” C.C.

“You made this possible” B.W.
Thanks for all your support and your feedback on my running form. It has helped give me more confidence in my running capabilities. E.W.
“Thank you for helping us all Mr. Brooks. From all the Crestwicke Athletes!”

The Brick  
I introduced this unique class format exclusively to the YMCA/YWCA with positive feedback from the serious athletes. This unique one hour class including alternating intervals of cycling, running and leg drills to benefit the runner and cyclist. During this workout, time seems to fly with the constantly changing modes of exercise.

This running club for youth and parents developments body and spirit. Twice weekly training on the track or trail training and frequent road races and cross country races for confidence building competition.

…and thanks again for your thoughtfulness… J.

“Thanks for your encouraging words.” C.
“It would be difficult to put into words the positive contribution that you make to our running community.” R.
“Thanks for all your encouraging words and efforts throughout the long series of winter months.” D.


'Encouragement' is not a class. Encouragement is the foundation of all my fitness leadership. I am sincerely impressed when I see effort and success in the people I train. I make it my priority to ensure that people know that I am taking notice.


A weekly ‘bootcamp’ style workout that is designed for ‘drop-in’ participation by allowing for all different abilities and fitness levels. This allows new participants to be exposed to the exercises while allowing those with more experience to benefit from the workout without committing to weekly sessions.

Thank you for the excellent class last night. Looking forward to your next class. C.J.


A one hour class incorporating yoga, pilates, basic stretching, slow strength moves and visualization in a relaxing, soothing environment. The perfect way to speed your recovery from exhausting workouts and wind-down from a stressful day.

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